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Gigi for President Gigi for President

Who is Gigi?

Gigi is an intelligent, spirited, strong-willed friend to all. She has months of experience with the alphabet, counting, and has almost mastered the art of potty training. Some of her most important achievements include successfully negotiating conflicts with difficult super-powers (her parents) and once eating all of her vegetables.

A political outsider, Gigi does not cater to any special interest groups (except ponies—she'll do anything for ponies). She values citizens' individual liberties over political agendas. As president, she intends to abolish the oppressive practice of nap time while lobbying for more cookies and cartoons.

If you believe that every American deserves a full toy box and a soft blanky, then your choice is simple: Vote Gigi!

Gigi's plan for American Success:


There is nothing quite as distressing to the average citizen as economic uncertainty. Gigi recognizes this and has proposed transitioning from the dollar to a more sensible currency—stickers! The proven motivational properties of stickers are just what the country needs to get everyone back on track.

Foreign Relations

Some of Gigi's opponents have made a big stink over her perceived lack of diplomatic experience. What they underestimate is just how well she can bat her eyes while saying, "Pleeease!" Additionally, Gigi is extremely familiar with the importing business of China, Taiwan, and other countries where toys are made.


If there is anything that public television has taught Gigi, it's that a healthy dose of make-believe can help you with just about any problem.


Gigi will be in your area. Catch her at these following events!

  • Independence Day

    Independence Day

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  • Birthday

    Rally at the Splash Pad

    Municipal Park

  • Birthday

    Billy's 4th Birthday!

    Pizza Connection

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